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We are a video production company dedicated to the creation of memorable visual content for corporate, and commercial endeavors.
High quality video production at great prices!


Corporate video does not have to be boring. We blend artfully together images, sounds, and media to engage the audience, and leave a lasting impression.


Recent technological advances allow us to save substantial amounts of money. These savings are then passed on to our clients, allowing even the smallest of companies to benefit from video advertisement.

Why video?

Video is now the norm on the Internet. If you are not already using video in your online advertisement or TV then you are losing customers to your competitors.

We're Passionate

Viking Film Productions is about professionalism, creativity, and vision. We know how to create emotional connection and effective storytelling. Let us impress you!

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Our Way

We have utilized the powerful medium of video in today's world to inform, entertain, and captivate audiences effectively.

This is valuable for a wide spectrum of companies young and old, big and small, traditional and entrepreneurial.

We’ll work along side you with your production to achieve a final product that will meet your goals and budget.

1 Awards Won
38 Videos Released
38 Happy Customers
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Our Services Moving pictures, photography, and graphic design go hand-in-hand. Composition, layout, color – the same principles apply to all three fields, just through different mediums.

Moving Pictures

DSLRs that shoot HD video have completely changed the digital playfield. With the same tool we’ve always used to take beautiful photos we’re also making movies! We can now create better quality with less money.


Do you need excellent quality images? We go where the action is - to real people and real places! Our location photography service is designed to provide creative images for advertising, corporate, editorial, and commercial use.

Graphic Design

We also design all your business print and digital material including business cards, brochures, flyers, news letters, websites and anything else you might need. We combine video, photography, and graphic design to give you a complete cost effective solution.

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