• Name: Rolf Lindblom
  • Location: Southwest Finland
  • Email: artbyrolf@vikingfilm.fi

ART by Rolf Lindblom

Rolf Lindblom is an award-winning filmmaker, lifelong learner, and avid artist, working to fuse all of his talents and passions together into comprehensive creative expression on a daily basis. Based out of Southwest Finland, Rolf always considered himself first and foremost a filmmaker with a creative eye for visual direction and capture. However, recently, he has found his passion for film has assumed an additional creative outlet: that of digital design through art.

As a result, ART by Rolf Lindblom was born.

Through physical mediums, like wood, steel, copper, and concrete, Rolf is now bringing his dreams and indignation into real, tangible life, creating one-of-a-kind sculptures and other artistic projects uniquely positioned to rival the status of his filmmaking. Influenced by his Finnish roots and the environment around him, Rolf’s style can be characterized as new age experimental with Scandinavian overtones that give it a completely unique positioning for today’s day and age.

According to Rolf, ART by Rolf Lindblom is whatever the beholder sees personally in their eyes and brain. He’s just merely here to create the experimental pieces that provoke thought, emotion, and perhaps passion in those around us. Where does this kind of inspiration come from in the first place for Rolf? Let him tell you below.

Rolf’s Inspiration

Like most artists, my pieces and finished works are influenced by what I see around me; especially my passions for the films I have conceptualized, produced, and founded. I am just a regular impressionable human being with a love affair for filmmaking and production. To me, nothing sets my soul on fire like creating a visual piece of art that will remain infinitely. To be able to capture that kind of filmmaking passion within artistic endeavors now through this platform has always been a dream of mine.

I see this ART project and my films now existing collaboratively in the same universe, complementing one another by providing new angles, perspectives, and suggestions.

Custom Projects Accepted

Art is an incredibly personalized medium that can mean so many different things to different people. That’s why I am now accepting custom orders for individuals who want specific pieces developed just for them. Through an initial discussion, I can get a feel for what you want, your ideal medium, focus, etc. before I get to work making something for you that will be one of the most personalized belongings you ever own.

ART Available

Check out END UNSUNG digital series and my EXCITATIO short film that inspires most of my artwork presently available today. As an artist that is constantly stretching past my boundaries to challenge myself and preconceived notions for art in our world today, I will be continually adding, changing, and uploading my latest pieces as they coincide with my film. As a result, I recommend that everyone follow here closely with me, especially through social media, to ensure they do not miss any updates or announcements moving forward.




From Russia With Love series a.d. 2019.


From Russia With Love series 2 a.d. 2019.




Payments via Bank Transfer or PayPal. Please contact me for details.

Conditions of return:

Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.


Shipping costs is calculated separately for each art piece.
Orders over 2000 € in Finland will be hand delivered.
Pick up also possible from my studio.
Art Bank also has at least one piece of my work on display.
Check out website here: www.artbank.fi

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  • Company: R-L Erikoispalvelut Oy
  • Name: Rolf Lindblom
  • Street: Linnankatu 45
  • Postal code: 20100
  • City: Turku
  • Country: Finland
  • E-mail: artbyrolf@vikingfilm.fi
Art by Rolf Lindblom
Art by Rolf Lindblom