Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom


LanDisTBI - correlations between linguistic, cognitive components, fatigue, and diffusion tensor imaging findings of white matter tracts in individuals with traumatic brain injury.
Recovering Social Interaction – cognitive-communication disorders after tramatic brain injury, group-intervention
AAI & Social Interaction – Animal assisted intervention methods and social interaction
Wildie – Wild ideas, technology, equality – Virtual reality in animal assisted interventions, Technological innovations and executive functions, Multi-professional identity development
Inter-professional Education – Inter-professional education in higher learning

Turku University: Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research,
Department of Speech-Language Pathology,
Sote Academy

Specialized Speech-Language pathology services, Riitta Vartiainen Oy
NeuroTeam Oy, Specialized speech-language pathologist Leena Ervast
Satakunta university of applied sciences


Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom


I provide high-quality continuing education in neurological communication disorders, communication difficulties with traumatic brain injuries, client-oriented challenges, group therapy and work-related wellbeing.

I also work as a university lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Speech-Language Pathology, and Centre for Education and Research on Social and Health Service at the University of Turku.

I also provide education in inter-professional collaboration with Tietoi Oy, with Miia Tuominen and Jaanet Salminen.

Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom

Professional supervision

I work as a professional and clinical supervisor for employees working with people who have neurological disorders.

Professional supervision is a positive and enabling process that offers the opportunity to increase understanding of professional, personal and clinical effects on work. It also helps in developing a broader view of clinical practice and reduces work-related stress.

Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom

Specialized speech-language pathologist

I provide private outpatient speech and language therapy services for adults with acquired communication disorders. I have a particular interest in research-based rehabilitation of cognitive-communication deficits following traumatic brain injury, stroke, and other brain-related diseases. I also have expertise in developmental and neuropsychiatric communication disorders in adult patients, and extensive experience in group rehabilitation and multi-professional rehabilitation. Group intervention appears to be an important link between communication rehabilitation and real life. Read more here.

I am acquainted in animal-assisted intervention. Animals, and dogs in particular, may be used in speech-language therapy to aid in the patients' rehabilitation process. Research evidence suggests that animals may provide unique advantages to rehabilitation.

Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom


My objective is to support wellbeing, stress management and quality of life. To achieve this, I have teamed up with other collaborators. New ideas are on the way, so stay tuned!

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Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom

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Specialized speech-language pathologist

Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom


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