Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom


The focus of my research is communication deficits following traumatic brain injuries (TBI). It is well known that cognitive-communication disorders are common and persistent after TBI. My recent study examines correlations between linguistic and cognitive components, and also between cognitive-communication deficits and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) findings of white matter tracts. This study is delivered via multi-professional collaboration and consists of cognitive-linguistic assessment and diffusion tensor imaging. The research is fulfilled in the Department of Psychology and Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Turku, Finland.

Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom, Linda Ljungqvist, Timo Kurki, Olli Tenovuo & Marja Laasonen (2022) Cognitive-Linguistic outcome in moderate to severe diffuse axonal injury and association with fatigue, Brain Injury, DOI: LINK.

We participated in the 13th World Congress on Brain Injury in Toronto with a poster presentation "Cognitive-communication skills after traumatic brain injury: A pilot study of language comprehension". Poster here.

We also participated in the 16th NR-SIG-WFNR Conference in Granada with a poster presentation "Language comprehension and fatigue after traumatic brain injury". Poster here.

Funding: Oskar Öflund Foundation, The Finnish Concordia Fund, and Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research.



Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom


I provide high-quality continuing education in neurological communication disorders, communication difficulties with traumatic brain injuries, client-oriented challenges, group therapy and work-related wellbeing.

I also work as a university lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Speech-Language Pathology, and Centre for Education and Research on Social and Health Service at the University of Turku.

Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom

Professional supervision

I work as a professional and clinical supervisor for employees working with people who have neurological disorders.

Professional supervision is a positive and enabling process that offers the opportunity to increase understanding of professional, personal and clinical effects on work. It also helps in developing a broader view of clinical practice and reduces work-related stress.

Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom

Specialized speech-language pathologist

I provide private outpatient speech and language therapy services for adults with acquired communication disorders. I have a particular interest in research-based rehabilitation of cognitive-communication deficits following traumatic brain injury, stroke, and other brain-related diseases. I also have expertise in developmental and neuropsychiatric communication disorders in adult patients, and extensive experience in group rehabilitation and multi-professional rehabilitation. Group intervention appears to be an important link between communication rehabilitation and real life. Read more here.

We have participated with my colleague Riitta Vartiainen with poster presentations in the 13th World Congress on Brain Injury in Toronto (Poster here) and the 16th NR-SIG-WFNR Conference in Granada (Poster here).

I am acquainted in animal-assisted intervention. Animals, and dogs in particular, may be used in speech-language therapy to aid in the patients' rehabilitation process. Research evidence suggests that animals may provide unique advantages to rehabilitation.

Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom
Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom


My objective is to support wellbeing, stress management and quality of life. To achieve this, I have teamed up with other collaborators. New ideas are on the way, so stay tuned!

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Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom

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Specialized speech-language pathologist

Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom


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